• What forms of payment do you accept?

Southlake Concierge accepts Visa, Mastercard. Cash and company checks are also accepted, sorry no personal checks will be accepted. Any returned checks will incur a $25 fee

  • Why would I purchase a package?

Packages are perfect for those that need personal service provided on a regular basis, or reoccurring assistance. Savings and scheduling priority are a few of the perks you'll receive.


Southlake Concierge is designed to maximize the personal service you will receive, the ability to develop a relationship so I can better anticipate your needs, cost savings with most packages and other added benefits. Once activated, your package runs like clockwork, making your life easier and giving you freedom of time for yourself and your family.

I may ask additional questions or details to better understand your needs.  Then, I can recommend the package that’s right for you.

  • How do I pay for packages?

Payment will be made in full before hours can be used. Hours will be deducted as they are used, and never expire.

  • I bought a package, is there a way to know how many hours I’ve used?

I want to keep you updated on your account, a balance will be sent after each job via text, email, or note card left behind, whichever you prefer. 

  • Do you offer personal shopping? Yes, for subscription clients only; however, there is a 5% fee for all reimbursements.    

  • Do you have insurance? 

Rest assured, I have insurance and are fully covered, and that means you are too.

  • Do you share any information with others?

No. I never discuss the details of my clients: name/company, the services used, or when you're traveling and away from home.  Want to know the specifics about my Privacy Policy? View the policy here

  • What’s the difference between Southlake Concierge and other services?

Southlake Concierge applies quality and efficiency to every job. My clients not only use the services to alleviate their personal demands, they also turn over a variety of business errands and tasks as well.  

My clients feel comfortable and confident entrusting me with a wide range of matters.  I have many repeat clients that use packages; this develops into a relationship of trust that thrives over time as our partnership becomes more intuitive and harmonious.  And, I'm always looking out for my clients’ privacy and best interest.  

Southlake Concierge clients understand that price and quality go hand in hand.  My clients are only interested in turning over: home, family, personal, confidential and security matters to someone they can trust.  

Still have questions? Let's connect! 817-984-0605 or hello@southlakeconcierg.com

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